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September 28, 2011

Typhoon "Pedring" took the main attention of the Phil. Daily Inquirer Front Page today.

The main headline (‘Pedring’ shuts down Metro Manila. Typhoon revives memories of ‘Ondoy’) reports on the damage brought about by the typhoon, the report even trying to compare the same with the more devastating 2009 floods.

The other front page news reports today:

16 killed on surges, mudslides and floods - It seems that this news report has a different title online as this other news report is found instead: ‘Pedring’ leaves 16 dead across Luzon. This report is basically a continuation of the headline.

Stormy labor row halts 172 PAL flights - a story on an airline's labor poblem which affected thousands of passengers.

‘Tsunami’ waves force US Embassy evacuation - a report that even the US embassy is not exempt from the onslaught of the typhoon, which report failed to identify the cause of the floods.

Philippines gets Japan support on Spratlys dispute - ours seems to be a trailblazing President if this report, which did not even made an attempt to make any verification of the good news, is to be believed. Aquino +1.

The scores:
Aquino: 1

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